Simply, my thoughts recorded for future iteration.

1. $ git clone
Only needed on first cycle.

2. $ cd cloned_root_directory_name

3. $ git pull
If done immediately after 'git pull' this step isn't needed.

4. $ git checkout -b feature_branch_name

5. do some hacking

6. git add .

7. git commit -m "your message"
Repeat steps 5-7 as needed.

8. $ git checkout master

9. $ git pull
Merging the remote master repo with your local master repo should be a clean fast forward since your hacking has been contained to your feature branch.

10. $ git rebase feature_branch_name
This is where things could potentially get ugly. To prevent complicated conflict's it is recommended to repeat this often.

11. $ git push origin master
Reminder, this is meant to be a simple workflow for a small team. It is highly advisable to check if there have been any pushes to the remote master since you completed step 8.

Written on December 13, 2013