In light of recent events, please find an important link from a recent keynote I gave here: The Race of Life (white privilege) which speaks to my heart and intent to make our industry a welcoming and supportive place for every person. The full slide deck can be found on my GitHub.

I’m Aimee Knight, a former figure skater and software architect. In 2014 I decided to go all out, and spent six months as a student in the fourth cohort of the Nashville Software School where I focused on JavaScript, Node.js, and Ruby on Rails.

Coming from a background in collegiate sports I’m highly driven. After my first degree, I spent a lot of time working with developers and in late 2012 my career path began to diverge. When a developer for my employer’s site handed off their CMS to me saying “don’t touch anything outside of this” my fate was sealed. My curiosity, coupled with increasing frustrations from the surmounting code changes we were always needing, led me on a path of no return. I started to stay up really late so I could work on the site while (hopefully) no one was looking. Within a few weeks I was hooked.

Outside of work, I’m a Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies focused on performance, an Organizer for DevOpsDays Nashville, and a panelist on the JavaScript Jabber podcast. Before that I was a panelist on the Angular Air podcasts, volunteer at Baltimore NodeSchool and co-organizer for CharmCityJS. I’m a type A personality, and I’m not at peace, unless I have a set of challenges in front of me. As a former bootcamper, I also really enjoy mentoring current students and other junior developers.

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